Dash Cam Index For Quick Reference

This is an index of all the dash cams we have ever reviewed, plus those we’ve had a good look at but didn’t have the opportunity to do a full review. The links will take you to our complete reviews of each dashboard camera model, where you will find detailed specs, video samples, and a list of various online vendors for comparing prices.

Dash cams that we are currently recommending (in 2021) are marked individually. For a glossary of some of the terms and abbreviations used, scroll down to the end of this page.

As far as we’re aware, this is the first index of this kind on the internet. Maybe other review sites will follow our example. You have permission to copy this index whole or in part, provided you include either a link back to this page, or include the original links to our reviews.

70mai 1S (2018) - low-cost stealthy dash cam with Wi-Fi
808 #32 DR32 (2013) - low-cost dash cam with tripod screw mount
A118 (2014) - low-cost discreet dash cam
A118-C (2014) - like A118, with capacitor
ABEO HDVR-150 (2013) - 720p dash cam that clips onto rear-view mirror
ABEO HDVR-180 (2014) - 1080p dash cam that clips onto rear-view mirror
Acekool 4K (2018) - fake 4K dash cam
Akaso Trace 1 (2019) - cheap taxi/uber cam, with mediocre and blurry night video
Anker Roav C1 (2017) - low-cost wedge-shape dash cam with simple parking mode
Anker Roav Duo (2019) - taxi/uber cam with poor video
Apeman C450 Series A (2018) - very basic low-cost cam with mediocre video
Aukey 4K DR02 J (2018) - fake 4K
Aukey DR02 (2017) - easy to use low-cost wedge-shape dash cam
Ausdom A261 (2016) - bulky low-cost dash cam with good video at day
Azdome GS63H (2018) - fake 4K
B40 (2014) - same as A118
B40-C (2014) - same as A118-C
BlackSys CH-100B (2016) - decent 1080p+720p dual cam 
BlackSys CF-100 2CH (2014) - early 1080p+720p dual cam
BlackVue DR430-2CH (2017) - overpriced 2x720p dual cam
BlackVue DR450-1CH (2017) - reliable mid-price one-way dash cam
BlackVue DR470-2CH (2017) - 1080p+720p at 15fps: rough but usable video
BlackVue DR490-2CH (2017) - decent 2x1080p dual cam, replaced by DR590-2CH
BlackVue DR490L-2CH (2017) - good 2x1080p dual cam with large touch screen
BlackVue DR500GW-HD (2013) - early high-end single channel dash cam
BlackVue DR550GW-2CH (2013) - 1080p+720p dual channel version of DR500GW
BlackVue DR590 (2017) - mid-price 2x1080p dual cam with buffered parking mode
BlackVue DR590W (2017) - DR590 with Wi-Fi
BlackVue DR590X (2020) - replaces DR590 and DR590W, adding cloud connectivity
BlackVue DR650GW-1CH (2014) - front camera only of DR650GW-2CH
BlackVue DR650GW-2CH (2014) - high-end 1080p+720 dual channel dash cam
BlackVue DR650GW-2CH IR (2014) - taxi cam version of DR650GW with infrared LEDs for interior use
BlackVue DR650GW-2CH Truck (2014) - DR650GW with waterproof rear cam to mount outside
BlackVue DR750LW-2CH (2014) - high-end 2x1080p dual cam with touch screen
BlackVue DR750S-1CH (2017) - front camera only of DR750S-2CH
BlackVue DR750S-2CH (2017) - high-end 2x1080p dual cam with remote view over cloud
BlackVue DR750S-2CH Truck (2017) - DR750S with waterproof infrared rear cam to mount outside
BlackVue DR750X-1CH (2020) - front camera only of DR750X-2CH
BlackVue DR750X-2CH (2020) - high-end dual 1080p cam with cloud ***** Recommended in 2021
BlackVue DR900S-1CH (2018) - front camera only of DR900S-2CH
BlackVue DR900S-2CH (2018) - high-end 4K+1080p dual cam with remote view over cloud
BlackVue DR900S-2CH Truck (2018) - DR900S with waterproof infrared rear cam to mount outside **** Good Buy in 2021
BlackVue DR900X-1CH (2020) - front camera only of DR900X-2CH
BlackVue DR900X-2CH (2020) - high-end 4K+1080p dual cam with cloud ***** Recommended in 2021
Blueskysea B1W (2017) - stealthy low-cost dash cam without screen
Blueskysea B2W (2019) - mid-price taxi cam with decent video **** Good Buy in 2021
Blueskysea B4K (2020) - fake 4K cam
Crosstour CR750 (2018) - low-cost uber cam, unreliable
Crosstour CR900 (2018) - low-cost 2x1080p dual dash cam
DDPai M6 Plus (2016) - 1440p cam with unique style
DOD F500LHD (2013) - early low-cost 1080p cam
DOD LS300W (2013) - great video for the time
DOS LS330W (2013) - LS300W plus external GPS
DOD LS400W (2014) - less popular version of LS300W, different firmware
DOD LS430W (2014) - great video, internal GPS
DOD LS460W (2015) - great video for 2015
Dome D201 (2016) - bulky cam but records good 1440p video
Dome DAB201 - same as Dome D201
DVR-027 (2013) - very early low-cost 720p cam, gaps between videos
DVR-207 (2013) - upgrade of DVR-027, no more gaps
DVR-207GS (2013) - DVR-207 plus G-sensor
Falcon Zero F170 (2015) - popular but overpriced older dash cam
Falcon Zero F-360 (2015) - early taxi cam with mediocre video quality
FineVu CR-500HD (2013) - early high-end dash cam
G1W (2013) - early low-cost cam
G1WH (2013) - all-black version of G1W
G1W-C (2013) - G1W plus capacitor
G1W-CB (2013) - all-black version of G1W-C
Garmin 20 (2015) - first Garmin cam, good video, relatively successful
Garmin 55 (2018) - small 1440p cam but video quality and overheating issues
Garmin 65W (2018) - small 1080p cam, mediocre night video, overheating issues
Garmin 66W (2019) - average to fair video quality doesn't justify the high price
Garmin Dash Cam Mini (2019) - tiny cam with mediocre video. Can sync up to 4 cams
Garmin nuviCam LMTHD (2016) - sat-nav with integrated dash cam, moderately successful
GS1000 (2013) - historical low-cost dash cam
GS6000 A7 (2013) - first 1296p dash cam, good video quality for the time
GT300W (2014) - cheaper, unbranded version of LS300W; same quality
GT550WS (2014) - unbranded version of LS330W (with GPS)
HP F210 (2014) - decent 1080p video, bulky form-factor
Itronics ITB-100HD Smart Plus (2013) - overpriced Korean cam with low video quality
K1S (2015) - dual 1080p cam with tiny cameras separate from main unit
K6000 (2013) - low-cost cam with poor night video
KDLinks X1 (2015) - popular in the US due to good video and customer support
LG Innotek LG521 (2017) - dual cam with 1080p+720p, underwhelming video for the price
Lukas LK-7900 ACE (2013) - discreet high quality dash cam
Lukas LK-7900 ARA (2015) - upgraded LK-7900 ACE with capacitor and OBD-II
Lukas LK-7950 WD (2015) - early 2x1080p dual cam, large but no screen
Lukas LK-9750 Duo (2015) - 2x1080p dual cam with 4" touch screen
Mini 0801 (2013) - successful tiny low-cost 1080p dash cam with screen
Mini 0803 (2014) - resolution upgraded to 1296p, but overheating issues
Mini 0805 (2014) - tiny and reliable 1080p cam, was a huge success 
Mini 0806 (2014) - different casing than Mini 0801-0805. Supports CPL filter and 1296p
Mini 0807 (2016) - had capacitor and buffered parking mode, but never took off
Mini 0826 (2015) - largest casing of the series, 2560x1080p, moderately successful
Mini 0901 (2015) - discontinued, issues with GPS
Mini 0902 (2016) - issues with the first batch of units, discontinued
Mini 0903 (2016) - smallest of the Mini series, excellent 1080p video, very successful
Mini 0906 (2017) - tiny, reliable low-cost 2x1080p dual cam **** Good Buy in 2021
Mobius (2013) - tiny action cam without screen, also works as dash cam
Nano Q - same as Mini 0903
NBDVRMIRROR - see "Nextbase Mirror"
Nextbase 112 (2016) - low-cost 720p cam
Nextbase 122 (2019) - low-cost 720p cam, not recommended
Nextbase 212 Lite (2016) - basic 1080p cam, good ratings
Nextbase 222 (2019) - low-cost 1080p cam, good value for money
Nextbase 312GW (2016) - top quality 1080p cam, best seller in the UK
Nextbase 322GW (2019) - promising 1080p cam, supports CPL and rear camera
Nextbase 402G - same as DOD LS430W (rebranded)
Nextbase 412GW (2016) - good quality 1440p cam, but less popular than 312GW
Nextbase 422GW (2019) - 1440p cam with CPL and optional rear cam, supports Alexa
Nextbase 512G (2015) - mid-quality 1080 cam
Nextbase 512GW (2016) - 412GW plus CPL filter and HDR
Nextbase 522GW (2019) - 1440p, most popular of Nextbase's 2019 "Series 2", lots of features **** Good Buy in 2021
Nextbase 612GW (2017) - 4K resolution, issues with video quality and battery failure
Nextbase Duo HD (2018) - 2x1080p taxi cam, but no infrared
Nextbase Mirror (2017) - 1080p cam that clips on rear view mirror, mixed user ratings
Papago GoSafe GS-260 (2014) - Reliable 1080p cam that clips on rear view mirror
Panorama X2 (2014) - 2x1080p dual cam with one processor per camera, good video
Pruveeo C2 (2018) - low-cost uber cam with mediocre night video
Pruveeo D30H (2018) - 2x1080p uber cam with decent video.
Rexing V1 (2016) - low-cost 1080 wedge-shaped cam, OK video
Rexing V1 4K UHD (2018) - fake 4K
Rexing V1P (2016) - Rexing V1 plus 640x480 (VGA) rear camera, rear resolution too low
Rexing V5 (2020) - fake 4K
RoadHawk HD (2013) - good quality 1080p cam for the time, but not a big commercial success
Rove R2-4K (2017) - fake 4K
Samoon 3H2F - alternative name for GS6000 A7
Shadow GT680W (2013) - small 1080p cam with good video
Street Guardian SG9663DC (2017) - 2x1080p dual dash cam with excellent video
Street Guardian SG9663DCPRO (2018) - minor upgrades to SG9663DC, excellent 2x1080p video ***** Recommended in 2021
Street Guardian SG9665GC (2015) - high quality 1080p cam 
Street Guardian SGGCX2 (2018) - excellent quality 1080p cam
Street Guardian SGGCX2PRO (2018) - upgraded SGGCX2, supports optional rear cam ***** Recommended in 2021
ThiEYE T5e (2017) - early 4K action cam, high bit rate, has "dash cam mode"
Thinkware F200 (2019) - mid-price 1080+720p dual cam with mediocre video quality
Thinkware FA200 (2019) - like Thinkware F200 plus time-lapse parking mode
Thinkware F800 (2017) - high-end 2x1080p dual cam, replaced by F800 pro
Thinkware F800 Pro (2017) - high-end 2x1080p dual cam, great parking mode ***** Recommended in 2021
Thinkware Q800 Pro (2019) - high-end 1440p cam, rear camera optional
Thinkware U1000 (2019) - high-end 4K+1440p dual dash cam with remote view ***** Recommended in 2021
Thinkware X500 (2016) - good mid-price 1080p cam, rear cam optional
Thinkare X500D (2016) - Thinkware X500 plus 1080p rear cam
Toguard 4K (2019) - fake 4K
Toguard CE45 Uber (2019) - rear cam lacks infrared, so no good as uber cam
Toguard CE46 Uber (2019) - low-cost uber cam with mediocre night video
Transcend DrivePro 200 (2014) - good quality 1080p cam
Transcend Drive Pro 520 (2015) - good quality 1080p+720p taxi cam
TS16GDP200 - same as Transcend DrivePro 200
TS32GSDP520 - same as Transcend DrivePro 520
Urive MD-8000P Shotgun (2013) - one of the very first 1080+720p dual cams
Vantrue N2 (2017) - taxi cam without infrared lights (avoid)
Vantrue N2 Pro (Uber) (2017) - good 2x1080p taxi cam
Vantrue N4 (2020) - decent 1440+1080+1080p three-channel dash cam
Vava VA-CD001 (2017) - unique design, can rotate 360°
Vicovation Vico-TF2+ Premium (2013) - bulky, but good video and heat resistance
Vicovation Vico-Marcus 4 (2015) - high-end single channel cam
Vicovation Vico-Marcus 5 (2015) - high-end 2x1080p dual cam
Vicovation Vico-Opia2 (2016) - high-end 1440p cam with excellent day time video
Viofo A118C2 (2017) - low-cost 1080p cam
Viofo A119 (2016) - low-cost 1440p cam, good video but issues with GPS mount
Viofo A119 V2 (2016) - A119 with fixed GPS mount, extremely successful
Viofo A119 V3 (2019) - cheapest dash cam with buffered parking mode, good 1440p video **** God Buy in 2021
Viofo A119S (2017) - like Viofo A119, but only 1080p video -> better quality at night
Viofo A119S V2 (2017) - A119S with fixed GPS mount
Viofo A129 Duo (2018) - Good mid-price 2x1080p dual cam ***** Best Dash Cam in 2021
Viofo A129 Duo IR (2019) - Taxi cam version of A129 Duo ***** Best Uber Cam in 2021
Viofo A129 Plus Duo (2020) - Good mid-price dual cam. 1440p front, 1080p rear
Viofo A129 Pro Duo (2019) - Best value true 4K cam, optional 1080p rear ***** Recommended in 2021
Viofo A139 (2021) - Reliable three-channel dash cam (1440+1080+1080p)
Yi Smart Dash Cam (2016) - cheapest dash cam we recommend, 1080p ***** Recommended in 2021
Z-Edge F1 (2019) - decent, but overpriced uber cam
Z-Edge S3 (2017) - decent low-price dual 2x1080p cam, bulky shape
Z-Edge Z3 (2016) - basic 1296p cam, mediocre video quality
Zenfox T3 (2020) - Three-channel dash cam (1440+1080+1080p)


  • 1080p+720p: dual cam with 1080p front, 720p rear
  • 2x720p: dual cam with 720p resolution front and rear
  • 2x1080p: dual cam with 1080p resolution front and rear
  • 4K: 4K resolution (3840×2160, or 2160p)
  • CPL: Circular Polarizing Lens (reduces windshield reflections)
  • Dual cam: Front and rear cameras, in separate casings. Rear cam typically mounted on rear-view window.
  • HDR: High Dynamic Range (improves night video)
  • Taxi cam: Front and rear camera in one casing, one cam films ahead, the other films the passenger cabin. Rear camera should have infrared (IR) lights to record the cabin at night.
  • Uber cam: Same as taxi cam. The terms taxi cam and uber cam are used interchangeably,
  • WDR: Wide Dynamic Range (improves night video, different implementation than HDR)