Street Guardian SG9663DC

Street Guardian SG9963DC 2x1080p front and rear car camera

Technical Specifications

– Dual channel dash cam
– Max. resolution: front 1080p, rear 1080p
– Price: Amazon US / CA / UKeBay US / CA / UK / AU
– Aperture: f/2.0
– GPS (external)
– WDR enhanced night vision
– 2″ Screen
– Novatek 96663 processor
– Video format: MP4
– Supports up to 400GB MicroSD cards (29h of video)
– 64GB card holds 4.5h of video
– Time and date stamp on video
– Loop recording, auto on/off, G-Sensor
– Time-lapse parking mode (only with SGDCHW hard-wiring kit) with low-voltage cutoff
– Interface: USB
– Lock file button
– CPL filter included
– Operating temperature: from -20°C to 70°C (-4°F to 158°F)
– Storage temperature: from -40°C to 85°C (-40°F to 185°F)
– Internal capacitor instead of battery
– Internal microphone (mutable) and speaker
– Adhesive mount (suction cup mount also available)
– Viewing software for PC and Mac
– Supported languages: English, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, German, Italian, Japanese, French, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese

Front Camera:
– Max. resolution: 1920×1080 @ 30fps
– Bit rate: 15 Mbps
– Size: 85mm x 52mm x 35mm
– Weight: 75g
– Sony Exmor R sensor
– Angle of view: 120° diagonal

Rear camera:
– Max. resolution: 1920×1080 @ 30fps
– Bit rate: 15 Mbps
– Size: 50mm x 52mm x 25mm
– Weight: 35g
– Sony Exmor CMOS sensor
– Angle of view: 120° diagonal

Street Guardian SG9663DC Review

Released in November 2017, the Street Guardian SG9663DC is a high-end front & rear car camera. Taking a different approach than its competitors, Street Guardian didn’t aim to include as many cutting-edge features as possible, such as Wi-Fi and cloud viewing: Instead, they focused on reliability, usability, and image quality.

Lets start with the latter: The SG9663DC records hands down the best video quality of all the dual channel dash cams we have reviewed so far. At a video resolution of 1080p (1920×1080) front and rear at 30 frames per second, the bit rate is 15Mbps for each channel. The resulting video quality is of very good quality, with details such as license plates readable even as you’re driving by, whether at day or at night.

As we said, this camera doesn’t support Wi-Fi or cloud connectivity, unlike some of its competitors at this price level. Instead, it comes with a 2″ screen that makes configuring the camera quite simple, and also allows you to play back video footage on the spot. Of course, you can always pop out the SD card and play back the MP4 encoded videos on your computer, if you’d like to take advantage of the bigger screen.

With its stealthy wedge shape, the SG9663DC keeps a low profile on your wind shield. If you’d like to avoid attracting unwanted attention while parking in a sketchy area, the camera is easy to remove from its mount if you want to take it with you or stow it away. It even comes with a useful pouch to store it in while off duty.

Speaking of parking, a parking mode isn’t currently supported for this model, even though it does have motion detection. The reason is that Street Guardian are still working on the specialized hard-wiring kit (SGDCHW) that is needed to power the camera while the car’s engine isn’t running. The estimated time of arrival for this kit is Spring 2018.

UPDATE (September 2018): The hard-wiring kit (SGDCHW) is now available! It costs around $30 (see Amazon US / Canada / UK). Thus, the SG9663DC now supports time-lapse parking mode, recording at a reduced frame rate until the car is turned on again.

Street Guardian’s hard-wiring kit taps directly into your cars fuse box. It allows you to select a cut-off voltage to keep the camera from draining your car’s battery. Additionally, you can also set a time limit after which parking mode will switch off automatically.

GPS logging is supported, and an external GPS antenna is included with the camera. Speed can be displayed in km/h or mph. A CPL lens is also included, to reduce reflections in the windshield when driving in bright sunlight.

Memory cards can be up to 400GB in size. Class 10 or above cards are recommended. It’s recommended to always format memory cards in the camera for them to function properly.

This camera comes with a memory card included. You can choose between 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, or 400GB SD cards. The smallest card (64GB) gives you just above 4.5 hours of total recording time, while a 400GB card allows you to record almost 30 hours of footage before loop recording kicks in.

Based in Australia, Street Guardian, are known not only for their highly reliable cameras and great attention to detail, but also for their outstanding customer support. We’re not connected to the company any way, but with several years of reviewing dash cams under our belt, we believe that Street Guardian are probably the brand with the highest customer satisfaction in the long term.

To sum it up, this is an excellent two-way dash cam for beginners and advanced users alike, especially as it now also has a parking mode. If you’re happy to go without Wi-Fi, this is a highly reliable camera that records great video. The built-in screen allows for ease of installation and operation, and its wedge-shaped body keeps it stealthy and discreet.

All this, combined with Street Guardian’s top-notch customer support, make the SG9663DC one of our favorite front-and-rear dash cams for 2018.

NOTE: If you’re interested in getting a high-end front and rear camera but don’t have enough cash right now, check out Street Guardian’s SGGCX2PRO which is a single-channel dash cam that can be upgraded to dual. You can order the main camera now, and get the rear cam later when you have the money.

Items Included

The Street Guardian SG9663DC comes with an impressive assortment of accessories. Here’s what’s included in the box:

Circular Polarized Lens filter, stickers, cord clips, GPS antenna, main camera (DVR), rear camera, GPS extension cable, trim pry tool, quick start guide, bracket removal string, rear camera bracket, 12V-24V power cord, 3 meter video cable (90/90), 6 meter video cable (90/180), windshield cleaning wipes, spare 3M VHB mount tape, micro SD card & SD adapter (32GB, 64GB, 128GB, or 256GB), spare 3M VHB GPS Tape, microfiber & lens cleaning bag, spare 3M VHB rear mount tape, main camera mount bracket (thin), main camera mount bracket (thick), EVA foam pads (goes between mount & camera), Android micro USB compatible OTG & PC USB memory card reader

Street Guardian SG9663DC Video Samples

For full original video quality, make sure to watch on full screen and select maximum video resolution (use the cog icon in lower right corner). You may have to rewind the video after changing the resolution.

Day Time Front Video Sample

Front video at day time is of very good quality. All details are clearly visible, and license plates of nearby cars are easy to read.

Day Time Rear Video Sample

Rear video quality at day is also very good. License plates of other cars are easily readable by pausing the video.

Night Time Front & Rear Video Sample

Video quality at night is very good too, both for the front and rear cameras (rear video starts at 1:57). License plates of most other cars can be easily read, even as they are driving by.

Where To Buy

The Street Guardian SG9663DC is available for sale from the following vendors:

Amazon US / CA / UK / DE / FR / ES

eBay US / CA / UK / AU

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