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Comparison Of Nextbase Dash Cam User Ratings

product photo of the Nextbase 512G dash cam, as seen from the front (lens side)

If you’re looking for a Nextbase car camera and are hoping to compare their customer product ratings on Amazon, you’ll run into an issue: All of the user ratings are lumped together, and there’s no simple way to see which Nextbase model got how many reviews, and what average rating.

This article shows you an overview table of how each of the individual models rank in the customer reviews.

Can I Use A Dash Cam As Backup Camera?

We often get questions from visitors of this site, asking whether there are any front-and-rear dashboard cameras that that can also function as a backup camera. Using a rear-facing dash cam as a maneuvering aid for backing up is not ideal for several reasons: Firstly, most dashboard camera’s screens are rather small (if they even…