Comparison Of Nextbase Dash Cam User Ratings

Nextbase is a successful brand of dashboard cameras that’s especially popular in Great Britain. Over the years, they’ve released quite a number of cameras, starting with the Nextbase 112 that records at only 720p resolution, and culminating (for now) with this year’s Nextbase 612GW, which records at up to 4K.

They’ve also released a taxi cam, called Nextbase Duo HD, and a rear-view mirror dash cam, aptly named Nextbase Mirror.

Now if you’re a potential buyer of a Nextbase car camera and are hoping to compare their customer product ratings on Amazon, you’ll run into a problem: All of the different models’ user ratings are lumped together, and there’s no simple way to see which Nextbase model got what overall rating. So if you’re in the process of deciding whether or not you want to buy, say, a brand-new Nextbase 312GW, you’ll have a hard time finding out how good this individual model really is, and how it compares to the other Nextbase dash cams (as far as customer reviews are concerned).

What you have to do in each case is the following: Go to each model’s individual listing, click on the link that says “See all 4000+ customer reviews”, then in the list of reviews go the drop down box labeled “All formats” and change it the camera you’re looking at, “312GW” in our example. Now count the number of reviews that got 1 star, 2 stars, 3 stars, 4 stars, and 5 stars, and calculate the average.

A bit complicated, isn’t it? Fortunately, we’ve done all this for you. Here’s the result:

Avg. Rating
(Amazon UK)
# Of Reviews
(Amazon UK)
112£ 454.00126720p
212 Lite£ 654.403211080p
312GW£ 904.5815431080pbest rated
402G£ 854.4410181080pfull review
412GW£ 1204.413281440p
512G£ 1504.486511080pfull review
512GW£ 1404.311911440p
612GW£ 2203.4054Kfull review
Duo HD£ 1753.88162x1080ptaxi cam
Mirror£ 1253.35171080pmirror cam

All data is based on the customer reviews shown on on March 18, 2018. 


  • 1080p cameras seem to perform best
  • 1440p cameras get slightly lower ratings than their 1080p counterparts
  • The only 4K camera on offer has the lowest ratings, however this may not be representative as it has only been released in January of 2018, and the overall number of reviews is still very low
  • The Nextbase 312GW has the highest total number of reviews, and the best average user feedback

So while the ratings of the relatively new Nextbase 612GW can still change considerably, Nextbase’s various 1080p cameras seem to be the most popular models, and the ones with the highest customer satisfaction.