Nextbase Series 2 Features Comparison

Nextbase are by far the biggest dash cam brand in the United Kingdom, with an impressive 65% of market share. In May 2019, they released their Series 2 models: Five brand new dash cams, from the rather basic Nextbase 122 up to the top-selling Nextbase 522GW (full review).

These cameras bring a number of previously unseen features to the car camera market, such as Alexa integration and the ability to automatically call emergency services in case of a serious accident (Emergency SOS). All of the Series 2 dash cams support a simple impact-triggered parking mode, and the more advanced models (from the 322GW upwards) allow you to add one of a variety of rear-view camera modules.

In order to make it easier to compare which of the five Nextbase series 2 cameras does what, the following table gives you a quick overview of the main features of each model.

Nextbase 122 dash camNextbase 222 dash camNextbase 322GW dash camNextbase 422GW dash camNextbase 522GW dash cam
ModelNextbase 122Nextbase 222Nextbase 322GWNextbase 422GWNextbase 522GW
Price[link id="next122" aff="auk" txt="Amazon UK" title="See Price"][link id="next222" aff="auk" txt="Amazon UK" title="See Price"][link id="next322gw" aff="auk" txt="Amazon UK" title="See Price"][link id="next422gw" aff="auk" txt="Amazon UK" title="See Price"][link id="next522gw" aff="auk" txt="Amazon UK" title="See Price"]
Max. Res.720p
1440p30 or 1080p601440p30 or 108060
Screen2"2.5"2.5" touch2.5" touch3" touch
Emergency SOS--YesYesYes
Rear Cam--OptionalOptionalOptional
Cabin Cam--OptionalOptionalOptional
CPL FilterOptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalBuilt-in
Parking ModeYesYesYesYesYes
NotesResolution Too LowGood Low-Cost Option
Top Seller
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