How To Use A Dash Cam CPL Filter

A 37mm circular polarization lens (CPL) filter

A standard 37mm CPL filter will fit most dash cams

A circular polarization lens, or CPL filter for short, removes the reflections that occur in dashboard camera footage when recording in bright sunlight. All you need is a dash cam with a CPL filter mount, and a filter of corresponding size.

So here’s how to set it up:

  • Attach CPL filter to mount
  • Place white piece of paper on dashboard so you see it reflected in dash cam footage
  • Turn filter until reflection disappears, or is minimal
  • Remove filter when recording at night

And that’s it! Do remember to remove the filter at night, otherwise your video footage will turn out darker than usual which obviously isn’t ideal.

Watch the first 20 of seconds of this video (recorded with a Vico-Opia 2) to see how it works:

Vicovation Opia2 dash cam with CPL filter