Comparing the LS300W, LS330W, LS400W, LS430W, GT300W, and GT550WS

UPDATE: Most of the DOD cameras listed below have gone way out of date and aren’t easily available for sale any more. DOD’s latest dash cam is the LS460W and it sets a new standard as far as video quality and reliability are concerned.

The DOD LS300W has without a doubt been one of the most successful dashboard cameras so far. Great video quality day and night, an attractive design and excellent reliability and usability have made this car camera model one of the top sellers.

When shopping for the LS300W online, you may have come across one or more of its clones and lookalikes, like the LS430W or the GT300W. The amount of different versions can be a bit confusing to the uninitiated customer. Therefore, in this article we are going to shed some light on the similarities and differences between all the LS300W variants and clones.

All of the cameras described here are based on the same hardware. Thus they share most of the technical details, and all have the LS300W’s high video quality. For this reason, and for your ease of research, we won’t do a full review of each of these cameras. Instead, we will be pointing out only the differences to the LS300W here.

That said, if you’re looking for a cheap unbranded alternative that uses the same hardware as earlier DOD models, scroll down and have a look at the GT550W. It records solid quality video at a substantially lower price.

DOD LS300W – Top Choice Without GPS

Photo of DOS LS300WThe base model. Higly recommended and a top seller. Check out the full review here.






Photo of the LS330W car dvrThis model is identical to the LS300W, but comes with an external GPS “mouse” (basically a GPS unit with a long cable) to be installed elsewhere in your car.

(No longer available)




DOD LS400W product photoSame hardware as the LS300W, but different design and firmware. While the video quality is the same, usability is apparently not as good as with the LS300W. This camera has received less favorable ratings from buyers.

(No longer available)



DOD LS430W – Top Choice With GPS

DOD LS430W car DVRSame as the LS400W, but with internal GPS. This model is more practical than the LS330W with its external GPS unit, and has received great feedback from buyers. Absolutely recommended if you want in-built GPS.

UPDATE: We now have a full review for the DOD LS430W.



GT300W – “Cheap” Version of LS300W

The GT300W is technically similar to the DOD LS300WThis is an unbranded version of the DOD LS300W. Same hardware, but the firmware is different. The unbranded version is cheaper than the DOD version, and the quality seems to be the same.

Firmware can technically be flashed with the LS300W version, but do this at your own risk as an unsuccessful attempt could render your device unusable.

(No longer available)

GT550W and GT550WS

Product picture of the GT550WS dashboard cameraUnbranded version of the LS330W, with external GPS. This camera used to be called GT550W before it had GPS capability. GT550WS is the updated version with GPS.

(No longer available)