Best Dash Cams 2019: The Definitive Guide

Here’s our list of the best dash cams for the year of 2019. We’ve selected the most important dash cams, for all types of budgets, in order to cover the full spectrum of what’s available on the market.

Currently, we have eight dashboard cameras on our best-of list. Three of them are forward-facing only (single lens), four are front-and-rear (dual lens), and one (the Vantrue N2 Pro) is a taxi/uber dash cam that records the passenger cabin, giving extra security to all you ride share drivers out there.

Most of the dash cams were selected for their outstanding reliability and video quality. Usability, post-sales support, and overall customer satisfaction were also important factors.

TLDR: 3 Best-Selling Dash Cams Of 2019

If you don’t have time to read through the descriptions of all the cameras right now, you may want to have a look at the 3 top sellers as of spring 2019. There’s a good chance one of these is perfect for you. too. Here’s an overview of which car cameras are most popular right now:

Street Guardian SG9663DC front and rear car cameraMini 0906 front and rear car cameraViofo A119v2 single channel dash cam
ModelStreet Guardian SG9663DCMini 0906Viofo A119 v2
Top FeatureBest Dual VideoBest Budget DualBest Low-Cost
Price$300 (see vendors)$140 (see vendors)$80 (see vendors)
Video QualityVery GoodGoodVery Good
ProsBest Front & Rear Video
GPS & CPL Included
Best User Ratings
Great Support
Parking Mode
Cheapest Good Dual Cam
GPS & CPL Included
Parking Mode
Great Sub-$100 Video
Optional GPS & CPL

ConsNo Wi-Fi
Night Rear Video
No Wi-Fi
GPS & CPL Cost Extra
No Wi-Fi

And now, on to the complete list of our favorite dash cams for 2019, starting with the high-end models and working our way down to the more affordable ones:

This list includes cameras with and without parking mode, cameras with cloud connectivity that allow you to live-view video from your (parked or driving) car over the internet, cams with Wi-Fi, cams with GPS, and all sorts of other features… with prices that range from below $50, to over $500 for the most luxurious setups.

So whatever you’re looking for and whatever your budget, keep reading: We’ve got you covered!

Criteria For Selecting The Best Dash Cams For 2019

The first and foremost quality criteria for any dash cam is reliability. Imagine getting a shiny new dash cam that records awesome, high-resolution video — if you can’t rely on it to work continuously and without interruption whenever you’re driving, it’s not much good. You don’t want to be in a situation where you need the evidence from your dashboard camera, just to find out that it decided to take the day off!

Another important criteria is video quality. Since the year 2013 when we started this site, we’ve analyzed dozens of dash cams, in order to assess which devices record the best footage. There’s always some subjectivity when evaluating video quality, so apart from clarity and general color fidelity, we decided to base our evaluations on the readability of other cars’ license plates. While you may not actually need those very often (except in case of a hit-and-run), it’s a good and objective way to compare the footage of many different cameras.

Customer satisfaction is also high on our list. We get a lot of feedback from users telling us their experiences with all sorts of cameras. We also measure the return rates over extended periods of time (ideally, returns should be below 10%; 5% or less is excellent), and take into account each camera’s user ratings on various sales platforms such as Amazon. (Yes, these can be faked, and we do sometimes see this happening — however after over 5 years of reviewing dash cams, we have a pretty good idea of which reviews are dodgy, and which can be trusted.)

Another feature we value is discreetness. Many of the best cameras in 2019 are wedge-shaped, a growing trend this year that allows for clean and stealthy installation.

Other important factors include: Ease of use, good post-sales support, and any unique features the camera might have.

So here’s our favorites list for this year, starting with the high-end cameras and working our way down to the more affordable ones:

Our Selection Of The 10 Best Dash Cams In 2019

1. Street Guardian SG9663DC: Best Front And Rear Video

Street Guardian SG9963DC 2x1080p front and rear car camera

Price: Amazon US / CA / UKeBay US / CA / UK / AU

Resolution: 1920×1080 (front and rear)

Overall video quality: Very Good

Reliability: Excellent

Memory capacity: 400GB (over 29 hours)

Max operating temp.: 70°C / 158°F

Pros: Best dual video, great customer support, CPL filter and external GPS antenna included, capacitor, 2″ screen, time-lapse parking mode with hard-wiring kit (not included)

Cons: No Wi-Fi

The Australian company Street Guardian are the only dash cam manufacturer that got two dash cams on our best-of list this year: The SG9663DC (full review) which records both front and rear, and the single-channel SGGCX2PRO (see below).

This camera records better quality footage than any other dual channel dash cam. While the SG9663DC doesn’t have Wi-Fi and only supports a basic time-lapse parking mode, its outstanding video quality and excellent reliability make up for that fact.

Also, its sturdy wedge-shaped casing allows for a clean, discreet installation. A 2″ screen lets you play back video on the spot, and makes configuring the camera a breeze.

A hard-wiring kit (called SGDCHW) is available for around $30 and allows you to have the SG9663DC record time-lapse video while your car is parked. You can specify a cut-off voltage in the camera’s settings, to prevent your car’s battery from becoming depleted.

Of all dash cam manufacturers, Street Guardian are maybe the most trustworthy. Over the years, they consistently receive the highest customer ratings. This is due to their great attention to detail, as well as their excellent pre- and post-sales support.

2. Thinkware F800 Pro: Best Dash Cam For Parking Protection

Thinkware F800 Pro all black front and rear car camera

Price: Amazon US / CA / UKeBay US / CA / UK / AU – vendors in Europe

Resolution: 1920×1080 (front and rear)

Overall video quality: Very Good

Reliability: Good

Memory capacity: 128GB (over 14 hours)

Max operating temp.: 60°C / 140°F

Pros: 3 different parking modes, cloud alerts to phone, Wi-Fi, internal GPS, low-voltage cutoff, overheat protection. Single lens version available.

Cons: No screen, no CPL filter

The Thinkware F800 Pro (full review) has been designed for optimum parking protection. With three different types of parking mode to choose from, this is the most versatile camera to keep your car safe while you’re gone. You can choose between buffered parking mode (recommended), time-lapse recording, and energy-saving (non-buffered) parking mode.

A GPS sensor is built in to track your location and speed.

If it ever becomes too hot in your car, the camera will shut itself down if a critical temperature is detected.

Of course you’ll have to hard-wire the F800 Pro to the car’s battery for parking mode to work. The camera will power off automatically if the voltage drops below a specified level, so you don’t run the risk of accidentally draining the car’s main battery.

Alternatively, you can connect the dash cam to an external power bank, however these are a bit more expensive.

If you have a Wi-Fi hotspot in your car, you can make use of Thinkware’s cloud alert system. While they can’t currently view video remotely (only BlackVue cameras currently have this ability), the Thinkware cloud allows you to track a car’s location via GPS, or even to monitor a fleet of vehicles. You can also enable a feature called geo-fencing that will notify you if your car leaves a pre-determined area.

The F800 Pro can send a notification when an impact is detected

In the case that a collision or accident is detected by the G-sensor, the camera can send a notification to a phone number you specify, with the exact GPS coordinates of the event. You can then contact the driver and make sure they are okay, or send help if necessary.

The Thinkware F800 Pro is available as dual channel and single channel version.

3. BlackVue DR750S: Best Cloud Connectivity

BlackVue DR750S front and rear car camera

Price: Amazon US / CA / UKeBay US / CA / UK / AU – vendors in Europe

Resolution: 1920×1080 (front and rear)

Overall video quality: Good

Reliability: Very Good

Memory capacity: 128GB (over 12 hours)

Max operating temp.: 70°C / 158°F

Pros: Cloud viewing (watch live feed over the internet), internal GPS, Wi-Fi, overheat protection, buffered parking mode, cloud alerts, capacitor. Single lens version available.

Cons: No screen, no CPL filter

The BlackVue DR750S-1CH and -2CH (full review) support buffered parking mode when hard-wired to the car’s fuse box. In buffered parking mode, the camera records continuously, but will only save the footage if an impact or event is detected.

As of today, BlackVue cameras are the only ones that allow you watch their video feed live over the internet. Combined with a Wi-Fi hot spot in your car, you can connect your camera to BlackVue’s cloud service. Their free account allow you to view 10 minutes of live-stream video from your car per day. If you want more, you’ll need to get a paid subscription.

Business owners can use the cloud to manage their vehicle fleet, track locations, and communicate with drivers in real time using the camera’s integrated microphone and speaker.

A fun feature was only recently added: BlackVue’s Cloud now also allows you to live stream your dash cam’s video to Youtube or Facebook, so you can share your trip in real time with your friends, family, and followers!

The DR750S has built-in GPS, overheat protection, and many other features. It is available with or without a rear camera.

4. Street Guardian SGGCX2PRO: Best Single-Channel Video

Street Guardian SGGCX2PRO front dash cam

Price: Amazon US / CA / UKeBay US / CA / UK / AU – vendors in Europe

Resolution: 1920×1080 @60fps (30 fps with rear cam)

Overall video quality: Excellent

Reliability: Excellent

Memory capacity: 400GB (over 49 hours)

Max Operating Temp.: 70°C / 158°F

Pros: Best video quality, CPL filter & external GPS antenna included, fits vertical windows, great customer support, capacitor, 1.5″ screen. Optional rear camera, optional time-lapse parking mode

Cons: No Wi-Fi

Street Guardian’s SGGCX2PRO (full review) is the single-channel dash cam with the best video quality of 2019, hands down. It can be upgraded to dual-channel by adding a rear camera.

So if you’re looking for a great dual channel camera but can’t afford one right now, you can get the main unit now and order the rear camera at a later time, when your finances will allow it.

The hinge of the lens has been redesigned so you can now swing it a full 90 degrees up and down. This makes the SGGCX2PRO one of the few wedge-shaped dash cams that you can actually install on vertical windows, like in a bus or a truck.

When you order this camera, you will find an impressive amount of accessories in the package, including an external GPS antenna, a CPL filter, tools for mounting and removing the camera, and more. With other dash cams, GPS and a CPL will often cost you extra.

The SGGCX2PRO can record in time-lapse parking mode if you power it with Street Guardian’s hard-wiring kit SGDCHW (not included). The kit will cost you around $30 extra.

Finally, as we mentioned before, Street Guardian offer excellent customer support, and have been getting the highest user ratings of all dash cam vendors over several years now.

5. Vantrue N2 Pro Uber: Best Dash Cam For Taxi And Uber Drivers

Vantrue N2 Pro 2x1080p Taxi Cam

Price: Amazon US / CA / UKeBay US / CA / UK / AUAliExpress – vendors in Europe

Resolution: 1920×1080 (front and rear)

Overall video quality: Good

Reliability: Good

Memory capacity: 64GB (5.9 hours)

Max Operating Temp.: 70°C / 158°F

Pros: Infrared lights allow for good interior video at night, reliable email support within 24h, 1.5″ screen

Cons: Form factor, GPS costs extra

Taxi cams still are a niche product in the dash cam scene, and unfortunately there still aren’t many that are really reliable. Of the few that are, the Vantrue N2 Pro (full review) is by far the most popular in 2019.

Granted, you could just take a regular dual lens camera and mount the rear facing camera so it records your car’s interior. The problem with this setup is, your typical rear camera doesn’t have infrared lights, so you won’t see much at night when the passenger cabin is dark — and who wants to drive with the cabin lights on all the time?

So a good taxi cam should not only unite both the front and inward facing cameras in a single casing, making it a lot easier to set up than a classical front-and-rear camera. A taxi cam should also have infrared lights that let you record good passenger cabin footage at night.

The Vantrue N2 Pro does all this, and records good overall video. (Make sure to get the N2 Pro model though, as the previous model called just Vantrue N2 does NOT have infrared.)

The standard version of this camera comes without GPS. If you’d like to use GPS, you’ll have to order an extra mount which costs about $20, however this is sold out at the moment.

6. Mini 0906: Cheapest Reliable Front And Rear Dash Cam

Product photo of the Mini 0906 front and rear dash cams, with CPL filter

Price: Amazon US / CA / UKeBay US / CA / UK / AUAliExpress – vendors in Europe

Resolution: 1920×1080 (front and rear)

Overall video quality: Good

Reliability: Good

Memory capacity: 128GB (over 11 hours)

Max Operating Temp.: 60°C / 140°F

Pros: Good reliability and video quality for the price, time-lapse parking mode, 1.5″ screen, CPL filter and GPS included, capacitor

Cons: Night rear video is of low quality

The Chinese Mini 0906 (full review) is the cheapest dual-channel dash cam that we feel comfortable recommending. It is quite small and stealthy, and its video quality is acceptable for this price. While there do seem to be a few duds out there that don’t work straight out of the box or fail after a short period of time, a majority of users seem to be happy with this camera.

Its reliability and overall video quality are more or less comparable to the Z-Edge S3’s. However, we do believe the Mini 0906 looks better with its minimalist, elegant design. Also, it comes with a CPL filter and GPS receiver included, so that’s a definite plus over the more expensive S3.

When hard-wired to the car’s fuse box, the Mini 0906 can run in time-lapse parking mode. Should the camera detect an impact with its G-sensor, it will switch to normal recording mode during 15 seconds, then go back to time-lapse.

While the basic stats and video quality are similar to the Z-Edge S3, overall we prefer the newer Mini 0906. Reasons: It’s cheaper, it has more features, and it looks better. The S3 does have the larger screen of the two though, so it’s more comfortable to use in that regard.

7. Viofo A119 v2: Best Video Below $100

The A119 dash cam has a lens that can be adjusted horizontally as well as vertically.

Price: Amazon US / CA / UKeBay US / CA / UK / AUAliExpress – vendors in Europe

Resolution: 2560×1440

Overall video quality: Very good

Reliability: Good

Memory capacity: 128GB (over 14 hours)

Max Operating Temp.: 65°C / 149°F

Pros: 2″ screen, optional GPS in mount, optional CPL filter, very good video quality for the price, capacitor

Cons: GPS and CPL filter cost extra

The Viofo A119v2 (full review) records excellent video quality for a sub-$100 dash cam: We haven’t found any device that performs better in this price range. It is also the only camera that supports 1440p resolution in this year’s top 10. It’s also the only camera with a lens that can be adjusted horizontally as well as vertically.

This camera is available with 2 different mounts. The mount is a thin plate that sticks directly to your windshield. One mount contains a GPS antenna, the other mount doesn’t. The GPS mount is a bit thicker than the non-GPS one, and costs about $10-$20 more.

A CPL filter for this device is available separately, and will set you back about $15

8. Yi Dash Cam: The Cheapest, Decent Quality Dash Cam

Yi dash cam, cheap and reliable

Price: Amazon US / CA / UKeBay US / CA / UK / AUAliExpress – vendors in Europe

Resolution: 1920×1080

Overall video quality: Good

Reliability: Very Good

Memory capacity: 64GB (over 7 hours)

Max Operating Temp.: 60°C / 140°F

Pros: Low price, simple menu structure, Wi-Fi

Cons: Form factor, color, internal battery

The Yi Dash Cam (full review) is as cheap as it gets if you’re looking for something reliable. For below $50, you get a somewhat clunky device. It records good video nonetheless.

This camera has a screen and its menu structure is simple, making it super easy to set up and use.

The Yi Dash Cam even supports Wi-Fi, so you can operate it through your smart phone if you feel so inclined. A downside is that it comes with an internal battery instead of a capacitor, making it more susceptible to heat failure.

PRO TIP: If you prefer your dash cam to be black, you can find a matte black version of the Yi on eBay. At this time, the black version is only available with Chinese menus. However the menus are simple enough to be usable even if you don’t understand the language. We think it definitely looks much cooler than the gray version.

A Note On Resolution In 2019

An interesting observation: It turns out that with the exception of the Viofo A119v2, all of the cameras featured here operate at 1920×1080 resolution. 1080p seems to be the new sweet spot in 2019. There seem to be a lot more dash cams with 1080p than those that support higher resolutions such as 1440p, 2560×1080 or even 4K.

Why is this so? One reason is that at resolutions above 1080p, night video quality degrades notably. Individual pixels on the sensor necessarily become smaller as resolution goes up, thus absorbing less light per pixel.

If you’ve been following this site for a while, you may have noticed that our previous favorite for night video (DOD LS460W) records at 1080p, while our previous day-time favorite (Vico-Opia2) supports 1440p.

This year however, we found that the Street Guardian SGGCX2PRO (which does 1080p only) records great video both at day and at night. It is also highly reliable with great user ratings and excellent customer support, which is why it has replaced both of our previous favorite single channel cameras.

TLDR: Even though more and more 4K dash cams are becoming available, 1080p cameras still outperform them for the time being, especially at night.

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