Mini 0803

mini 0803 dash camTechnical Details

– Max. resolution: 2304×1296 @ 30fps
– Price: n/a
– Bit rate: 21 Mbps
– Aperture: f/2.0
– GPS optional
– WDR Super Night Vision
– G-sensor
– 1.5″ Screen
– Small size (75mm x 47mm x 35mm)
– Weight: 62g
– 3 Megapixel CMOS sensor (Aptina AR0330)
– Angle of view: 135° diagonal
– Operating temperature: from -10°C to 65°C (14°F to 149°F)
– Storage temperature: from -20°C to 80°C (-4°F to 176°F)
– Video format: MOV
– Photo format: JPG
– Photo resolution: up to 5M pixel
– Supports up to 64GB MicroSD cards (class 6 or above)
– Time and date stamp on video
– Loop recording, auto on/off
– Interfaces: HDMI, USB, AV
– Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS)

Mini 0803 Review

The Mini 0803 is a newer version of the wildly successful Mini 0801 dashboard camera. It works with an Ambarella A7 chip, allowing it to record video in 1296p resolution. This is the highest video resolution available to date. The Mini 0803 was released in early 2014.

2015 UPDATE: In late 2014, the Mini 0805 has been released. While looking almost the same as the Mini 0803 externally, it features a better CMOS sensor, the Omnivision OV4689. Also, the Mini 0805 is much less prone to overheating than the 0803.

2016 UPDATE: For an overview of all the Mini cameras in the series, check out this article.

While the exterior of the camera is the same as the Mini 0801’s, keeping the highly discrete form factor, the internal components have received a thorough overhaul. The newer model is powered by an Ambarella A7LA50D processor, and the optical sensor (lens) is an Aptina AR0330. The resulting 2304×1296 pixel video is very good during day time, and good at night. Night video quality is enhanced with Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology.

Like the Mini 0801, the Mini 0803 also comes with optional GPS and optional internal memory (up to 16GB). Note that video can either be recorded on the memory card or on the internal memory bank, but not on both. The GPS tracker, if you go for it, is again implemented in the base or mount of the camera. Actually the base of the camera is identical to the Mini 0801’s, and can be used interchangeably.

While the Mini 0803 officially supports up to 32GB memory cards, users have reported that it also works fine with 64GB SD cards. A 64 GB card will allow you to record almost 7 hours of 1296p video. The bit rate is 21 Mbps at 1296p or 15 Mbps when recording at 1080p resolution.

As usual, the camera comes with loop recording, date and time stamp (plus speed stamp if you have GPS), and auto on/off. A less common feature is the Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS), which will alert you with a loud noise should you doze off while driving and leave your lane. While this may make sense for truckers who drive in the same lane for extended periods of time, it can be a rather annoying feature if you change lanes from time to time to overtake other cars for instance. Of course, this feature can be enabled and disabled using the cameras on-screen menu.

The Mini 0803 has noticeably better video quality than the Mini 0801, however it does suffer from a couple of quirks that have yet to be sorted out. Some users have reported the camera freezing at the welcome screen after powering it up. If this happens, remove the SD card and press the power button for about 10 seconds to perform a reset.

Another issue is that the cameras mute button for the microphone does not seem to work properly under some circumstances. This is an issue that will hopefully be fixed with a future firmware update.

To sum it up, this is an interesting update for a great and highly popular camera. Video quality has definitely improved. Alternatively though, if you are happy with 1080p recording, you may want to go for the Mini 0801 which has seen a steep drop in price since its successor was introduced. Or, check out the GS6000 A7 if you’d rather call a cutting-edge 1296p dash cam your own.

Mini 0803 Video Samples

For full original video quality, make sure to watch on full screen and select maximum video resolution (use the cog icon in lower right corner). You may have to rewind the video after changing the resolution.

Day Time Video Sample

Day time quality is very good even with cloudy weather. Note how easily license plates can be read even at greater distances.

Night Time Video Sample

Night time video is extremely sharp. While there is some glare from traffic and street lights, this does not impede the overall video quality much. Signs and license plates are easily readable at medium distance.

Where To Buy

The Mini 0803 has gone out of production and is no longer available for sale.