GS6000 A7 / Samoon 3H2F

A product photo of the GS6000 A7 dash cam

Technical Details

– Max. resolution: 2304×1296 @ 30fps
– Price: n/a
– Bit rate: 18 Mbps
– WDR Super Night Vision
– 2.7″ Screen
– Medium size (112mm x 45mm x 25.5mm)
– Weight: 79g
– 3M CMOS sensor
– Aperture: F/2.0
– Video format: MOV
– Photo format: JPG
– Photo resolution: up to 3 Megapixels
– Supports up to 64GB MicroSD cards
– Time and date stamp on video
– Loop recording, auto on/off, G-Sensor
– Interfaces: HDMI, AV, USB

GS6000 A7 Review

The GS6000 A7, also known as Samoon 3H2F or Samoon 3H2F-D, is one of the first dashboard cameras to implement the Ambarella A7 chip. Ambarella is a renowned video chip manufacturer. An earlier Ambarella version (the A2) is used in many quality dash cams like the highly successful Mini 0801.

Released in late 2013, the GS6000 A7 supports a better video resolution than any other dashboard camera so far. The A7 chip allows it to process 2304×1296 video at 30 frames per second and a comparatively high bit rate of 18 Mbps. As a consequence, video quality is excellent at day and good at night time, too. Details are crisp and cars close up are clearly visible, including their license plates.

High bit rates translate to larger video files, so it’s a good thing that the GS6000 A7 supports up to 64GB memory cards. At a 1296p resolution, a 64GB card will allow you to record almost 8 hours of continuous footage. Of course, the more common standard resolution of 1920×1080 pixels is also supported, so if you’re happy to record at 1080p you get an even longer recording time.

This camera comes fully featured with GPS, WDR super night vision, and a large 2.7″ screen. It is not one of the smallest dashboard cameras, but still fits neatly behind the rear view mirror. Standard dash cam features like loop recording, date and time stamp, auto on/off and G-sensor are also available.

Some users have reported receiving the camera with a manual in Russian and Chinese, but after sending a quick email to the vendor they got an English manual immediately from the very helpful customer support.

Also there seems to be an issue with the video playing upside down in the included software, but showing fine if you use a different video player. If you get this problem here is how to fix it:

Find “Manage preferred 32-bit DirectShow source filters” in the Windows 7 Start menu. Under the .MOV section, change selection from “System default” to “Haali”, and select “Apply & Close”

Hopefully this issue will be resolved in future versions of the player software.

To sum it up, the GS6000 A7 is a great pick if you like to get the latest in technology, or if you are looking for a device that records great video at a higher than average resolution. Apart from the issues mentioned above, customer feedback is mostly positive. This, plus the great usability and fair price of this product, makes the GS6000 A7 a top seller and one of our favorite dash cam choices for 2014.

GS6000 A7 Video Samples

For full original video quality, make sure to watch on full screen and select maximum video resolution (use the cog icon in lower right corner).

Day Time Video Sample

Daytime video quality is excellent for the GS6000 A7. Colors are crisp and clear, all details are visible and license plates can easily be read even from a distance. Note that this sample was recorded with a resolution of 1080p so this isn’t even the best this camera can do.

Night Time Video Sample

Night video quality is good, a bit dark but this is also due to the surrounding terrain. When getting close to other cars, all details are clearly visible, including license plates.

Where To Buy

The GS6000 A7 is no longer available.