Vantrue N2 Pro (Uber)

Vantrue N2 Pro 2x1080p Taxi Cam

Technical Specifications

– Dual channel taxi cam
– Max. resolution: front 1080p, rear 1080p
– Compare prices: (make sure to get the Pro version with IR LEDs): Amazon US / CA / UKmore countries & vendors (affiliate links)
– GPS optional in mount
– Video format: MOV
– 1.5″ Screen (auto-off timer)
– Novatek NT96660 processor
– Interfaces: Mini USB 2.0, HDMI
– Lock file button
– Internal microphone and speaker
– Suction cup mount
– 250mAh battery
– Loop recording, auto on/off, G-Sensor
– Parking mode (time lapse or motion detection)
– Operating temperature: from -20° to 70°C (-4° to 158°F)
– Supports up to 64 GB class 10 MicroSD cards (5.9 hours)
– Time and date stamp on video (plus speed stamp with GPS)
– Supported languages: English, Chinese, German, Japanese

Front Camera:
– Max. resolution: 1920x1080p @ 30fps
– Omnivision OV4689 sensor
– Angle of view: 170° diagonal
– Aperture: F1.8
– Dimensions: 39 x 100 x 42mm (1.54 x 3.94 x 1.65 in)

Rear camera:
– Max. resolution: 1920x1080p @ 30fps
– Sony Exmor IMX323 sensor
– Angle of view: 140° diagonal
– Aperture: F2.0
– 4 infrared (IR) lights

Vantrue OnDash N2 Pro (Uber) Review

The Vantrue OnDash N2 Pro, now also branded as N2 Pro Uber in America, is a taxi cam of Chinese origin that was released in mid-2017. It includes two cameras that both record at 1080p resoution. One camera records the road ahead, and the other one records the passenger cabin while driving.

UPDATE: For a comparison of the best taxi / uber dash cams that can record the passenger cabin, check out our new article 13 Best Uber Dash Cams With Infrared.

The front camera records good video quality at day, and fair video at night. Video footage has a noticeable blue tint though that becomes more pronounced the darker it gets.

The rear camera records very good video of the passenger cabin, at day as well as at night. It can be rotated up and down, so you can adjust it according to where on your windshield you install the device.

Unlike the previous model (called Vantrue N2), the N2 Pro has 4 infrared (IR) LEDs situated around the rear lens. These allow for flawless video footage even when the passenger cabin is dark. Just like the front camera, the rear camera also has a slight blue tint, though less pronounced.

The N2 Pro can also be used in single lens mode. When the rear lens is off, the forward lens can record at video resolutions up to 2560x1440p at 30fps, or 1920x1080p at 60fps.

Build quality is solid, and the built-in microphone records good quality audio. If you want GPS, a mount with a built-in GPS receiver is available separately. The camera can easily be snapped on and off the suction cup mount, so you can easily to take the camera with you i.e. when parking in hot weather.

Post-sales email support is reliable, with the vendor guaranteeing a reply to your inquiry within 24 hours.

When hardwired to your car’s fuse box (hard-wiring kit available separately, around $10), the Vantrue N2 Pro supports a non-buffered parking mode. You can set it up to record in either motion detection or time-laps mode. In motion detection mode, the camera comes alive when movement is detected in front of your car. In time-lapse, the camera just permanently records at a reduced frame rate.

Time-lapse mode is also available when driving, thus saving space on the memory card. We do not recommend this mode for normal operation though, as video quality will be greatly reduced and in the case of an incident, you may miss crucial details like other cars’ license plates.

Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Video Samples

For full original video quality, make sure to watch on full screen and select maximum video resolution (use the cog icon in lower right corner). You may have to rewind the video after changing the resolution.

Day Time Front Video Sample

Day time forward video quality is good. License plates are readable when close, or when stopping at a traffic light. However, video footage has a bluish tint, especially when it gets darker outside.

Day Time Rear Video Sample

Day time rear (interior) video quality is very good. The passenger cabin is very clearly visible. You can also kind of make out what goes on behind and to the sides of your car, however the main purpose of this camera cleary is to record the car’s interior.

Night Time Front Video Sample

Night time front video quality is fair, but slightly blurry. While it’s easy to see what’s going on, license plates can be blurry and hard to read. (Note there’s actually a hit and run at 0:20!)

Night Time Rear Video Sample

Interior video is very good at night. The camera’s infrared lights illuminate the passenger cabin without actually bothering the passengers.

Where To Buy

The Vantrue N2 Pro Uber is available for sale from the following vendors:

Amazon US / CA / UK / DE / FR / IT

eBay US / CA / UK / AU

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NOTE: Make sure to get the “Pro” version. The original Vantrue N2 does NOT have LEDs for the interior camera.