Panorama X2

Panorama X2 Dual Channel Dash CamTechnical Details

– Dual channel dash cam
– Max. resolution: front 1080p, rear 1080p
– Price: n/a
– Optional external GPS (available separately)
– Two Zoran Coach 12 video processors
– WDR Super Night Vision
– 3.5″ Touch Screen
– Operating temperature: from -20°C to 70°C (-4°F to 158°F)
– Video format: MP4
– Supports two up to 128GB MicroSD cards (max. total memory: 256GB)
– Time and date stamp on video
– Loop recording, auto on/off, G-Sensor, motion detection
– Buffered parking mode (5 seconds before and 15 seconds after event)
– Battery discharge prevention
– UV filter included
– Optional CPL filter available separately
– Interfaces: microUSB, AV
– Lock file button
– Approx. 0.1 second gap between video files
– Player software for MS Windows
– Internal capacitor instead of battery
– Internal microphone and speaker
– Adhesive mount

Front Camera:
– Max. resolution: 1920×1080 @ 30fps
– Bit rate: 15-20 Mbps
– Medium size: 96mm x 66mm x 33mm
– Angle of view: 120° diagonal

Rear camera:
– Max. resolution: 1920×1080 @ 30fps
– Bit rate: 15-20 Mbps
– Small size
– Angle of view: 120° diagonal

Panorama X2 Review

NOTE: This dash cam has been discontinued and is no longer available for sale.

The Panorama X2 is a powerful dual lens dash cam that features two video processors, one for the front and one for the rear video stream. It was released in late 2014 by the Chinese company Shenzen Onstar Ltd.

This is the first dashboard camera we know of that has a dedicated processor for each video stream. Also, the two streams are recorded on separate memory cards, each of which can be up to 128GB in size. This technology allows the Panorama X2 to record at a higher bit rate, and better quality, than most other dual channel cams.

Consequently, video quality is very good during the day, both for the front and the rear view cameras. At night, front video is good and rear video is fair. It’s a common issue with dual channel cams that the rear stream is a bit degraded at night. This is mainly due to the lack of illumination (no headlights) and being “blinded” by the headlights of other cars.

The Panorama X2 supports an optional external GPS module (called PANOGPS, available separately). It has WDR for enhanced night vision, and also supports a buffered parking mode that will record from about 5 seconds before to 15 seconds after an event is detected (via G-sensor or visual motion detection). A built-in low voltage cutoff makes sure your car’s battery won’t get depleted in parking mode.

An UV filter is included, and a CPL filter (called PANOCPL, available separately) can be installed to reduce wind screen reflections at day time. Of course, like all dash cams, the X2 also has loop recording, auto on/off, and date/time stamps in video (plus speed stamp if you have GPS). Recording is not seamless, however, at 0.1 seconds the gap between files is small enough to be tolerable.

The black, white, and orange design of the front camera, together with its transparent mount, make this one of the less discreet dash cams unfortunately. Nevertheless, due to its two-processor & dual memory card technology, the Panorama X2 records better video quality than most other dual lens dash cams. Its recording quality is comparable to the Vico-Marcus 5, which also records great front and rear footage.

Panorama X2 Video Samples

For full original video quality, make sure to watch on full screen and select maximum video resolution (use the cog icon in lower right corner). You may have to rewind the video after changing the resolution.

Day Time Front Video Sample

Day time front video is very good. The image is sharp and clear, and license plates of other cars are readable even at a distacnce.

Day Time Rear Video Sample

Rear video at day is very good too, same quality as the front footage.

Night Time Front Video Sample

Front video at night is good. It’s easy to see what’s going on, and license plates are readable when close.

Night Time Rear Video Sample

Rear video at night is fair. As with most dual dash cams, it suffers a bit from lack of illumination and being blinded by other cars’ headlights. License plate readability is hit and miss.

Where To Buy

The Panorama X2 is no longer available.