The 5 Best Front & Rear Dash Cams Of 2018

Dashboard cameras that record both forwards and backwards (also called dual-channel or dual-lens dash cams) have seen a big increase in quality over the last year or so. We’re happy to announce that finally, and for the first time ever, all of the cameras on this best-of list record 1920×1080 video both ways. Goodbye to those outdated, grainy 720p rear video feeds!

Here’s a quick summary of the top 5 best front and rear dash cams you can get in 2018:

You may have noticed that our collection for this year features two newcomers, as well as three cameras that were already in last year’s best-dual-dash-cam list. One of the new additions is StreetGuardian’s brand new SG9663DC that records impressive video quality, day and night. Thinkware’s F800 Pro continues to offer the best parking protection, and the Mini 0906 is still featured as a decent-performing alternative for anyone on a limited budget.

BlackVue remains the only brand to offer live video streaming over-the-cloud with their DR750S-2CH. If you’re looking for a taxi cam that films the passenger cabin in addition to the road ahead, Vantrue’s N2Pro Uber has replaced our previous favorite, the Transcend Drive Pro 520.

Best Front & Rear Video Quality: Street Guardian SG9663DC

Street Guardian SG9963DC 2x1080p front and rear car camera

Price: Amazon US / CA / UKeBay US / CA / UK / AU

Resolution: 1920×1080 (front and rear)

Overall video quality: Very good

Reliability: Excellent

Memory capacity: 400GB (over 29 hours)

Extras: 2″ screen, external GPS, CPL filter, capacitor based, lock file button.

Just recently released, Street Guardian’s SG9663DC (full review) records better quality video than any of its competitors. This is a down-to-the-basics device that comes without Wi-Fi or cloud connectivity. An external GPS antenna and CPL filter are included though. The 2″ screen makes this dashboard camera easy to set up and use, and Street Guardian’s customer service is well known to be nothing less than outstanding.

Best Low-Cost: Mini 0906

Product photo of the Mini 0906 front and rear dash cams, with CPL filter

Price: Amazon US / CA / UK / AUeBay US / CA / UK / AUAliExpress

Resolution: 1920×1080 (front and rear)

Overall video quality: Fair

Reliability: Good

Memory capacity: 128GB (over 11 hours)

Extras: 1.5″ screen, integrated GPS, time-lapse parking mode, CPL filter, capacitor, lock file button

This addition to the once-popular Chinese Mini series has been a full-out success. For those of us who can’t spend several hundred dollars on a high-end dual channel dash cam, the Mini 0906 (full review) is an excellent alternative.

While it doesn’t record quite as high-quality video as some of its more expensive counterparts, this camera is a great entry-level front and rear camera.

Best Parking Protection: Thinkware F800 Pro

Thinkware F800 Pro front and rear car camera

Price: Amazon US / CA / UK / AUeBay US / CA / UK / AU

Resolution: 1920×1080 (front and rear)

Overall video quality: Very good

Reliability: Very Good

Memory capacity: 128GB (over 14 hours)

Extras: Wi-Fi, integrated GPS, parking mode (buffered, time-lapse, or energy saving), low voltage cutoff, overheat protection, capacitor, lock file button

A pro-level dash cam with a whole lot of extra features, and very good video quality all around. The F800 Pro (full review) offers no less than 3 different parking modes to protect your car while you’re away. This camera can also connect to the internet to alert you when something happens to your parked car, but remote video streaming is as yet not supported.

Remote Video Stream Over The Cloud: BlackVue DR750S-2CH

BlackVUe DR750S-2CH front and rear dash cam

Price: Amazon US / CA / UK / AUeBay US / CA / UK / AU

Resolution: 1920×1080 (front and rear)

Overall video quality: Good

Reliability: Very Good

Memory capacity: 128GB (over 12 hours)

Extras: Integrated GPS, Wi-Fi, buffered parking mode, cloud connectivity, capacitor, lock file button. Battery discharge prevention device available separately (Power Magic Pro).

BlackVue’s dash cams have always been a best seller on this site, and their DR750S-2CH (full review) finally added 1080p resolution for the rear channel, as well as a much needed lock file button. While video quality isn’t quite as good as with some of the other cameras listed here, what really sets the BlackVue cameras apart is the ability to live-stream the video feed from your car over the internet, and watch it from anywhere on your PC or smart phone.

UPDATE (July 2018): BlackVue have recently released their DR900S-2CH model, which records 4K resolution front and 1080p rear. However, after comparing video quality we are confident that the DR750S actually performs better.

Best Taxi Cam: Vantrue N2 Pro Uber

Vantrue N2 Pro 2x1080p Taxi Cam

Price: Amazon US / CA / UK / AUeBay US / CA / UK / AUAliExpress

Resolution: 1920×1080 (front and rear)

Overall video quality: Good

Reliability: Excellent

Memory capacity: 64GB (5.9 hours)

Extras: 1.5″ screen, Wi-Fi, time-lapse parking mode, lock file button. Optional GPS in mount.

The Vantrue N2 Pro (full review) has one lens looking back into the passenger cabin, the other lens records the road ahead. Due to the infrared LEDs surrounding the rear-facing lens, video quality of the car’s interior is very good day and night. Forward video quality is good at day, and fair during the  night. A time-lapse parking mode is also available to protect your car while you’re away.