Viofo A229 Duo

Viofo A229 Duo dash cam

Technical Specifications

– Dual channel dash cam
– Released 2022
– Max. resolution: front 1440p, rear 1440p
– Price: Amazon CAAliExpressmore countries & vendors (sponsored)
– GPS in mount
– Wi-Fi (2.4 or 5 GHz)
– 2.4″ Screen
– Video format: MP4
– Supports up to 256 GB MicroSD cards
– Time and date stamp on video
– Loop recording, auto on/off, G-Sensor, motion detection
– Operating Temperature: from -10°C to 65°C (14°F to 149°F)
– Parking modes: Buffered, time-lapse, low bit rate
– Connectors: USB-C (power), Mic in, rear cam
– Lock file button
– CPL filter: Optional
– Apps for Android / iOS
– Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)
– Internal capacitor instead of battery
– Internal microphone and speaker
– Adhesive GPS mount with extra USB-C power connector
– Voice notifications
– Optional remote Bluetooth button
– Optional external microphone

Front Camera:
– Max. resolution: 2560×1440 @ 30fps
– Aperture: F1.6
– Max bit rate: 29 Mbps
– Size: 43mm x 60mm x 99mm ‎(1.69 x 2.36 x 3.9 inches)
– Sony STARVIS IMX335 5MP Sensor
– Angle of view: 140° diagonal

Rear camera:
– Max. resolution: 2560×1440 @ 30fps
– Aperture: F1.8
– Max bit rate: 25 Mbps
– Sony STARVIS IMX335 5MP Sensor
– Angle of view: 160° diagonal

Viofo A229 Review

Viofo’s latest release, the A229 Duo, is a reliable front-and-rear dash cam that records 1440p at 30fps both ways. That’s 2560×1440 pixels, at 30 frames per second.

It comes with in-built GPS, 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi, and various parking modes (including buffered parking mode).

UPDATE: This camera has gone out of production. We recommend the Viofo A229 Pro instead.


The Viofo A229 as seen from the rearWith a size of 43 x 60 x 99mm ‎(1.69 x 2.36 x 3.9″), the front camera is relatively large. The main reason for this is to prevent overheating. At a resolution of 2x1440p, the camera’s processor has quite a bit more work to do and thus produces a lot more heat.

A benefit of the larger casing is that it allows for a larger screen. The A229’s screen is 2.4″, which is quite comfortable for setup and on-the-spot video review.

Of course you can also use Wi-Fi and connect to the camera with a smart phone. The A229 supports 5GHz Wi-Fi, which allows for fast video playback over the air.

Below the A229’s screen, there are 5 status LEDs for Power, Recording, GPS, Mic, and Wi-Fi.

Below those, there are five buttons: Menu, Record, Save Video, Mic on/off, and Wi-Fi on/off.

The Save Video button (“Emergency button”) is larger, and has a different shape than the other buttons. This makes it easier to find when reaching over while keeping your eyes on the road.

Between the screen and the buttons there are 5 status LEDs for Power, Recording, GPS, Mic, and Wi-Fi.

We were pleasantly surprised that at only 2.8mm (0.11″) diameter, the video cable that runs to the rear camera is quite thin compared to most other dash cams.

Video Quality

The Viofo A229 records very good video with the front camera, both at day and at night. This means that you won’t have any difficulties reading other cars’ license plates.

The rear camera of the A229 produces good video during the day, and fair video quality at night. At night you’ll be able to read license plates when stopped at a red traffic light. At day, there shouldn’t be any issues, though you may have to pause the video to get a good look.

Recording Times At Maximum Bit Rate

While it is possible to select lower bit rates in the camera’s settings, you will probably want to run it at maximum bit rate to get the best video quality. Here’s how long you will be able to record before the oldest files get overwritten, depending on the size of your SD card:

SD Card SizeRecording Time
64GB2.3 hours
128GB4.75 hours
256GB9.5 hours

Make sure to always use high endurance SD cards in dash cameras (this article explains why).

Parking Mode

When powered by Viofo’s HK4 hard-wiring kit (available separately for $15), the A229 supports 3 types of parking mode:

  • Low bit rate: Keep recording when parked, at a reduced video quality
  • Time-lapse: Keep recording when parked, at a lower frame rate (you can choose between 1, 2, 3, 5, or 10 fps)
  • Buffered: Record only when motion or an impact is detected, at full frame rate and full quality. A video is saved starting some seconds before the event, until after its end.


Turning off the camera’s Wi-Fi when it isn’t needed helps to reduce power consumption. This is especially important when running it in parking mode.


The Viofo A229 is a state-of-the-art 2022 dash camera that records 1440p, both front and rear.

It is highly reliable, and records better video than most of Viofo’s older dash cams (except under some circumstances the Viofo A129 Pro, which records 4K front but only 1080p rear).

This is definitely a camera that is worth getting if you are OK with its size.

Viofo A229 Video Samples

For full original video quality, make sure to watch on full screen and select maximum video resolution (use the cog icon in lower right corner). You may have to rewind the video after changing the resolution.

Day Time Front Video Sample

Forward video during the day is of very good quality. You can easily read license plates driving by.

Day Time Rear Video Sample

Rear video during the day is good. There are lots of reflections, but nonetheless we can read license plates of other cars by pausing the video.

Night Time Front Video Sample

Forward video during the night is of very good quality. Again, it’s easy to read other cars’ license plastes.

Night Time Rear Video Sample

Rear video quality is only fair during the night. We can read some license plates of nearby cars when stopped at a red traffic light.

Compare Prices And Buy Online Today

The Viofo A229 has gone out of production, we recommend the A229 Pro.

If you’re looking for the original A229 Duo for some reason, it is available here:

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AliExpress (global)

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