BlackVue DR650S-2CH

BlackVue DR650S-2CH dual channel car DVR

Technical Details

– Dual channel dash cam
– Max. resolution: front 1080p, rear 720p
– Price: n/a
– Wi-Fi with BlackVue Cloud connectivity
– Voice menu
– Video format: MP4
– Operating temperature: from -20°C to 60°C (-4°F to 140°F)
– Storage temperature: from -20°C to 70°C (-4°F to 158°F)
– Supports up to 128GB MicroSD cards
– Time, date, and speed stamp on video
– Loop recording, auto on/off, G-Sensor, buffered parking mode with motion detection
– Buffered parking mode
– Interfaces: HDMI, USB, AV
– Player software for Windows / Mac
– Apps for Android / iOS
– Internal capacitor instead of battery
– Internal microphone (mutable) and speaker
– Adhesive mount
– Optional CPL filter available (3rd party)

Front Camera:
– Max. resolution: 1920×1080 (1080p)
– Bit rate: 10 Mbps
– Size: 119mm x 36mm (diameter)
– Weight: 96g
– 2.1MP CMOS sensor
– Angle of view: 129° diagonal, 103° horizontal, 77° vertical

Rear camera:
– Max. resolution: 1280×720 (720p)
– Bit rate: 5 Mbps
– Size: 67mm x 25mm (diameter)
– Weight: 28g
– 1MP CMOS sensor
– Angle of view: 129° diagonal, 108° horizontal, 57° vertical

UPDATE: Newer versions of this camera are available. The DR750S-2CH records 1080p front and rear, and the DR900S-2CH records at 4K resolution front, 1080p rear.

BlackVue DR650S-2CH Review

The BlackVue DR650S-2CH is the 2016 version of BlackVue’s long-time flagship camera, the DR650GW-2CH. Differences to the DR650GW are actually minimal, so instead of posting a full review of the DR650S-2CH, we’ll just quickly go over what both cameras have in common, and what has changed.

New features of the DR650S-2CH

  • The LED of the rear camera can be turned off permanently in the settings
  • Rear image can be flipped upside down
  • Rear camera recording can be turned off completely in parking mode. This improves battery life and is useful i.e. when you park backed up against a wall
  • When an impact is detected in parking mode, you’ll receive a voice alert once you turn on the car’s ignition.


The camera’s trademark form factor and materials remain unchanged. The inscription printed on the front camera is different though: While the older DR650GW reads “BLACKVUE Wi-Fi FULL HD”, the inscription on the newer DR650S is “BLACKVUE CLOUD FULL HD”.

Regardless of the inscriptions, both cameras support Wi-Fi as well as BlackVue Cloud connectivity. BlackVue Cloud is a service exclusively available from BlackVue that lets you watch your dash cam footage live over the internet, from anywhere in the world.

Image Quality

According to the manufacturer, the DR650S series and the DR650GW series are very close in terms of specifications. Thus, image quality of the DR650S is identical to a DR650GW with the latest firmware (version and up).


There’s also a single channel version of this camera available, called BlackVue DR650S-1CH. Otherwise than not having a rear camera, this camera is the same as the DR650S-2CH. Make sure not to confuse the two, as their names are quite similar — the 1CH version is cheaper, but it doesn’t have the option to connect a rear camera.


BlackVue is one of the leading manufacturers of front and rear dash cams. With their Over-the-Cloud service, infrared and Truck versions of the DR650GW-2CH, etc., they are probably also the most innovative of all the dash cam brands.

Be aware that if you already own a DR650GW, it’s not worth upgrading to the DR650S, as the differences between the two versions are minimal.

If you don’t have a DR650GW though, the DR650S-2CH is definitely a recommended buy, and one of our favorites for 2016 just like its predecessor.

If you’re looking for a single channel camera, there are other cameras like the Vico-Opia2 with better video quality around, but the DR650S-1CH still worth getting if you are looking for a camera with buffered parking mode and cloud connectivity.

Where To Buy

The BlackVue DR650S-2CH is no longer available.